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Military acronyms

This page contains some Offensive Words. If you are easily offended, please go back.

ACE: Ask Chief Everything!
ARMY: Arn't Ready to be Marines Yet!
ARMY: AF Rejected Me Yesterday
BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!
BOSS: Being On Ships Sucks!
BUFF: Big Ugly Fuckin' Forklift!
CRS: Can't Remember Shit!
CUNT: Cilvilan under navel Training
CYA: Cover Your Ass!
DEH: Don't Expect Help!
DICK: Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer.
DILLIGAF: Does it look like I give a fuck!
EUSTIS: Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks!
F.A.R.T.: Flatulent Airborne Reaction Team
FIDO: Fuck It, Drive On!
FIFO: Fit In or Fuck Off!
FIGMO: Fuck It, Got My Orders!
FILTAB: Fuck it, let's take a break!
FLIF: Falkland Islands Laundry Facility
FNG: Fuckin' New Guy!
FRED: Fucking Retard Extra Dumb.
FT EUSTIS: Fuck This, Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks!
FTA: Fuck The Army!
FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair!
FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition
G2G: Good To Go!
HMFIC: Head Mother Fucker In Charge.
HUOA: Head Up Ones Ass!
I&I: Intoxication and Intercourse.
KMD: Kiss My Dick!
LGH: Let's Go Home!
LLMF: Lost Like a Mother Fucker.
LOST: Looking Over Strange Terrain.
MARINE: Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
MARINES: Many Americans Running Into Never Ending Shit
MARINES: My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment, Sir!
MRE: Meals Rejected by Ethiopians!
MRE: Meals Rejected by the Enemy!
NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself!
NAVY: Need Any Vaseline Yet?
NBC: No Body Cares!
NCO: No Chance Outside
OMGIF: Oh My God, I'm Fucked.
PENIS: Pointless Exercise Not Involving Soldiers.
PFC: Proud Fuckin' Civilian!
S&E: Salute 'N Execute!
S&G: Shits 'N Giggles!
SHIT: Special High Intensity Training!
SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up!
SONFI: Switched Off Not Fucking Interested
SPFO: Some Place Fucking Off!
SWAG: Scientific Wild Ass Guess!
TARFU: Things Are Really Fucked Up.
TEWT: Training Exercise Without Troops.
TURD: Trainee Under Rigid Discipline.
USARMY: Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet!    Backwards: Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up
USARMY: Used, Screwed, And Released My Ass, Yep
USCG: Uncle Sam's Confused Group
USMC: Uncle Sams Misguided Childern
USMC: Unlimited Shit Mass Confusion
USMC: U Suckers Missed Christmas
USMC: Urine Samples Make Civilians
USAF: U Suckers Are Fairies
YMRASU: Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up!